Biplane Rides


Fly the Biplane. Take a ride and "take the stick" in our 1943Stearman  PT-17. 
This is one of the most loved biplanes of all time. 

Built as a trainer for the military pilots during WWII the PT-17 proved to be one of the best and most rugged trainers used. Thousands of these were built and many became crop dusters and sprayers after the war. Our Stearman referred to by some as "Snowball" was received by the U.S. Navy in 1943. After the war she was decommissioned and some how ended up in Greece where she was finally discovered in the late Eighties. She was carefully disassembled, crated and then shipped back home. She then went through an extensive restoration right here at the Columbia airport. Restoration was finished in1995 and since has been a joy to all of those who get to fly or see or even hear her beautiful sound.

          Treat Yourself   ...  Dare your friends!
                               (One passenger per flight.)

Snowball over Highway 49 bridge,
New Melones Reservoir 

The Dawn Patrol
Feel the wind as we take to the sky. Hear the sound of her beautiful round engine. (well we like it)
 A leisurely or "mellow" ride that few ever get to experience. This is a good starter, then go ahead and get crazy on your next ride. 

No! ...we don't have to leave at dawn!...


"ready for the barn hunt"
The Barnstormer
Like the old sayin goes. "Just like yester-year." Yup..there's still barns out there to storm...

This ride adds a bit more wind, gravity, speed, .. yanks, banks and woop-die-doos than the Dawn Patrol. A sightseeing tour with a "twist".......


     "Every picture tells a story, don't it?"


Are ya ready? 


Whole Enchilada... aaaaaaa!!!!

Just about all you can do in an airplane. Loops, slow rolls, barrel rolls, snap-rolls, Cuban eights, split-Ss, hammerheads and more. Like a roller coaster without the tracks! Turn your world "upside-down," at least for a few seconds anyway....    Yea you'll love it...

Sorry, Enchilada rides are not currently available at this time.
      All prices subject to change without notice.Extended time = $60.00  for minimum additional 15 minute increments.

 ( More for Enchilada! )