Medical Examinations

The FAA requires all students and pilots to obtain a medical certificate. This is a simple physical that is administered by an Aviation Medical Examiner and should be obtained as soon as possible when you start your flight training. Simply make an appointment with one of the AME's listed below and fill out the aplication form online. (Your instructor can help with the application requirements).

Some of the questions asked on the application are what visits to a health provider in the previous three years, a list of all medications (prescription and over-the-counter) and the dosages.

Have as much of these answers ready before filling out the online application questions. See "Medexpress" on site for info.

Your medical certificate is also your student pilot's certificate (a learner's permit, if you will). Bring an official photo ID. Please arrive early to your appointment.

You will be required to indicate any moving automobile violations and any reportable involvement in the use of alcohol and illegal drugs. Keep in mind that any false or misleading information entered on the application can be grounds for suspension and/or revocation of an airman certificate.



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